Kitchen furniture manufacturer

With over 15 years experience of supplying into the KFM sector as a sink and tap supplier and also as part of the route to market into developers means that Reginox fully understands this market sector. Our experience of supplying the house builders and the complexities involved gives us huge advantages when it comes to making sure that the right products are specified, that they are supplied complete and on-time so to minimise any disruption to on-site fitting and installation.

We have always been in this sector and we continue to supply some of the largest KFM’s in the UK market, industry recognised names that trust and respect us for our products, service, attention to detail and reputation!! We offer field sales support across the whole of the UK and Ireland that can facilitate joint co-operation to both secure and manage specification of Reginox products. We offer support via the KFM sector to help build long term relationships within the developer networks. We do this by understanding the needs of the developer to be able to source, specify and rely on high quality products that will be ‘fit & forget’ quality and simply add value to your kitchen in their properties.

By working closely with both the KFM and developer Reginox helps to build and maintain strong links based on quality, trust, reliability and service back up.

Contact us directly to discuss the possibilities of direct supply to you. Let us explain how our products can add tangible value to your kitchens and therefore enhance your offering to the housebuilder.