Production committed to people and planet

Purchasing a Reginox sink unit, tap or worktop also means contributing to responsible production methods. As a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom products, we consider many factors that will contribute to the preservation of our environment and the welfare of future generations.
Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in the manufacture of Reginox sink units, worktops and washbasins, and 70 to 80% of this material is recycled steel. 95% of the steel not incorporated in these products during production is collected and recycled.

A responsible approach to wood and paper

In the spring of 2011, all wood used beneath our kitchen worktops will be certified by the FSC ® (FSC-C106218), thus ensuring that it originates from responsibly managed forests. Cardboard packaging material used by Reginox to create these products consists of at least 80% recycled material.

More recycling for less energy consumption

Over the next three years, we will be reducing our consumption of gas and electricity by 15%. This will be accomplished by two major partnership projects in cooperation with the Businesscenter Energie Innovatie, a consultance for organisations that want a total solution for energy conservarion:

  • the use of heat recovery ventilation;
  • central control of the factory's heating system.

The use of movement sensors will also contribute to reducing electricity consumption in our offices.

Waste materials

The cooling water from the deep draw presses is returned to the presses for reuse. In addition, other industrial waste is sent to a regional combined heating and power station for responsible incineration, and 95% of all paper waste is used to produce recycled paper or cardboard.

People make it possible

The measures we take for the responsible use of materials and energy contribute to preserving our planet for future generations. But we are also dedicated to the welfare of our current employees who ensure the quality of our products. This commitment is demonstrated by:

  • the use of safe working conditions and procedures (employee input, NF and ISO 9001 certificates),
  • our sickness policy (continued payment of wages and provision of waiting list assistance),
  • encouraging greater vitality (in the form of exercise and the company’s physiotherapy services),
  • the availability of options for training and development.

Reginox stainless steel sink units, taps, washbasins and worktops: the products of responsible production that considers the needs of our planet and future generations.