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since 1976

Reginox stands for high quality and innovative sinks and worktops. Ever since 1976, Reginox has led the way in quality and innovation in sinks and worktops for the kitchen, project and healthcare markets. We design, develop and produce these products in-house, in numerous styles and versions. We also supply matching taps and accessories.

Constantly-evolving range

With our constantly-evolving range, we are a major player in the national and international kitchen and project markets. One reason for this is that we always pay close attention to the desires of consumers and kitchen professionals. We very consciously choose high-quality materials and techniques, and go the extra mile to fulfill our customers’ wishes. Of course, we also pay attention to sustainability, through energy efficiency and by choosing recyclable materials and packaging wherever possible.


New York

Some people see New York as one of the most vibrant and most exciting cities in the world. It leads the way with its style, design and trends. You will find these characteristics in the New York range by Reginox. Available in different styles and colours, so there’s always a match. 



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Do you need a new strainer for your sink or are you in need of a bottomgrid or colander? We also sell the best cleaning products for a sink or to use on various materials. Please note that we don’t sell our sinks online. If you need any info, please email us at