• Sirex 475 titanium
  • Sirex 475 titanium

Sirex 475 titanium All specifications

  • Two-bowl electrosink with draining area
  • Material: keratek

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    Old product number EKI47573
    New product number N/A
    Sink unit dimensions 310 x 415 / 160 x 415 mm
    Outlet 3,5" outlet
    Depth 230 mm / 200 mm
    Cabinet 600 mm
    Total dimensions 1000 x 515 mm
    Color sink Gray
    Installation method


    Automatically opening or closing the waste kit, activated by a button placed on the control panel. Equipped with a lithium backup battery, long lasting for a complete autonomy in case of absence of electricity.
    All Sirex sinks are equipped with an innovative compact draining system, S.I.R. This system has a design overflow per sink bowl: increased overflow in smart position for lower water consumption: smart and green.
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