• RL404 CB BLACK (R)
  • RL404 CB BLACK (R)

RL404 CB BLACK (R) All specifications


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New product number R25550
Depth 200 mm
Old product number L7222
Outlet 3,5" outlet
Cabinet 600 mm
Type Square sinks, Sinks with drainer
Sink unit dimensions 495 x 525 mm
Total dimensions 1015 x 525 mm
Packaging Box
Installation method
Color sink Black



Fitting instructions for ceramic waste kits

After taking the waste kit apart you need to put the white plastic chamber and the black rubber washer on the under side of the main bowl using a silicone sealant on the surface between the top of the rubber washer and the underside of the bowl. Also use silicone sealant on the under side of the metal flange going inside the bowl to provide a sufficient seal then using the centre bolt provided tighten it all up as tight as you can forcing any silicone sealant out and wipe the excess away. We also recommend you use some sealant on the overflow to prevent any leaking from here as well. Do the same procedure for the half bowl if you have purchased a 1.5 bowl sink. If you have a singel bowl just follow the instructions above.

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